Happy New Year Gals!!

I figured since its a New Year :) there was no better time than now officially start my blog for all of our amazing customers! If you do not know who I am yet let me take this time to introduce myself! My name is Jentry Balla and I am the owner and buyer for Gypsy Rose Boutique!
I started this crazy beautiful venture in 2012 out of my mothers hair salon in SETX with only $3,000 and one small room to showcase my passion. I had went to college and couldn't bear it anymore to sit in class everyday when I already knew what I wanted to do and didn't think I needed a degree to do it. It took me awhile to convince my parents to let me take a break from school and give this idea a whirl and see what could happen. I truly had no expectations, I was so small in such a big world.. All I could do was pray about it. Looking back now, no matter what happens, I am SO FOREVER HAPPY that I took this chance to create this ROSE and watch it GROW!
Since then I have some how since beat the odds and have gotten where I am now in a beautiful building with 6 amazing employees who have now become my second family.  I truly am so blessed I get to use this platform to tell each and everyone of you how forever grateful I am to live out my dream doing something I love so much because of y'all.. This website, this DREAM, would not be possible if it weren't for y'all so thank you from the bottom of my heart. No words can even begin to express how I feel. This year has definitely been one for the books!!

I married the love of my life and we all know a good man who stands beside a god fearing woman can help her move mountains. Whenever I feel defeated and say I can't he is right beside me telling me I can. If it weren't for him I don't think this website wouldn't even be here right now, I would still be saying what if.. So thank you for all you do for me I love you! Now enough with the cheesy stuff {{lol}} I have SO many plans for my company this year! My brains in constant motion thinking of how we can constantly be better and I cannot wait to bring our website to the next level this year and really step up our game in the online industry. I want to expand into more areas, more sizes, BIGGER quantities of items! Right now we are focused on finding a new space that our online business can have room to grow and flourish in the future! I have been working with some amazing women lately who really have inspired me to take this brand worldwide so talk about some major goals I have a lot of work ahead!! Most importantly if there is anything YOU would like to see, or you would want us to do differently my ears are open! Please email me at gypsyrboutique@gmail.com!!

I want to end my very first blog with one of my very favorite quotes for anyone who is out there wanting to live out their dream like I did. Stepping out and taking a chance can be very scary and very overwhelming, but no matter what NEVER compare your beginning to someone else's middle. Stay true to yourself, never lose yourself along the way. What is meant to be will be and it is all on God's timing. 

xoxo Jentry <3

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